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Opposition February 21, 2008

Posted by Tim in Poetry.

It is not truth that disrupts them
(like flies on old lions)
But a shift and a challenge:
A wall in the middle
(like an invented organ
cancering upward).
They spread out their hands
And lie behind the horizons
Peering at newness with anger and pride
(like priests in conspiracy
unfolding evidence)
They sharpen their arms

So within the wall the work starts to quicken
(like foxes now knowing they’re prey)
And calls of don’t falter are heard round the circuit
And God is invoked and plans are constructed
(like redeemed rubble):
One arm a soldier
The other a slave.



1. ESP - February 22, 2008

Well, since you’ve thrown down the gauntlet, I feel I must try my hand at deciphering this poem (for humor’s sake, mostly…also, I’m getting low on Schrute Bucks).

Overall meaning: I’m lost. Quite a few lines hearken to the Jewish church (Pharisees and such) at the time of Jesus’ ministry. Since I’m guessing, I’ll say it’s about Russia’s current political situation.

As for your sources of inspiration:
4 = Berlin wall? too obvious, but whatever
15 = Br’er Fox – yeah, that’s right, I’m talking older-than-classic Disney
19-20 = Darth Vader, definitely

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