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1 Timothy 1:4 April 16, 2009

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nor to devote themselves to myths and endless geneologies, which promote speculations rather than the stewardship from God that is by faith.

The true gospel preached in the New Testament is radically reasonable, centrist, plain. We like to get heady describing the unthinkable acts of God in the incarnation, resurrection, crucifixion, the provision of the Holy Spirit. But rarely are such events painted as surprising. Perhaps unexpected, but not unprophesied, perhaps miraculous, but not the kind that stretches the laws of physics to their breaking point.

Paul lays out the two types of teachers he finds in that age of the Church: the speculators and the stewards. Speculation smacks of dissipation, distraction, a prideful disconnect from reality, like a Londoner debating Prometheus while outside his city is burning. Paul here seems to divide them into two camps: Gentiles with their myths, and Jews with their geneologies (though elsewhere Paul does traget ‘Jewish myths’). But rather than wager them against the other, as they undoubtably were doing, he dismisses their obsessions as just promoting speculation.

In contrast, he offers the better aim: stewardship from God, by faith. Faith implies a sincerity of heart and a humility of mind. Stewardship rings of a relevance, responsibility, and meaningful investment. And it is from God,who rewards those who seek him.


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